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Mύλοι Μυλοποτάμου Κύθηρα

Choose Kythira for your next vacation and feel the difference!

What would you expect from an ideal vacation destination when your family’s long list of expectations is short? Beaches and fun, delicious food and peaceful stay, peaceful atmosphere, green valleys are what you dreamed of, pleasant memories to remember and reminisce, and the list goes on and on, depending on your personal taste and preference. You know what you are looking for, what satisfies you but it is not easy for you to find everything you want in one destination, unless you plan to travel to the beautiful, small and picturesque island of Kythira. Do you still have any doubt? Get informed by the Kythira island which has many specialized sections and be sure to be thrilled after getting such a complete picture of the beautiful destination.

The island is located between the Peloponnese and Crete, Kythira has a rich culture and organized active culture. There is rich flora in the environment which makes the place flourishing and with lush vegetation. You can consider yourself very lucky if your plans for your holiday in Kythira are during the spring, because it is the perfect time to visit and enjoy unique entertainment and wonderful natural scenery.

It has rich impressive beauty and adorable sites and attractions that make this island very unique and different from other islands. The beaches here, and the sights of Kythira have definitely won the hearts of those who have visited them, and even those who have heard of them for these. Here are many wonderful places to visit on your vacation, perhaps the best you have ever seen. For all those who love sailing, the beaches are the right place to enjoy exciting fun and entertainment. The beach at Kapsali, located very close to Chora or Kythira, is the best place for all sailing enthusiasts, and is completely safe. It is a well-organized beach that can offer safety for its visitors, without compromising on fun and enjoyment. In addition to sailing, travelers can enjoy all kinds of water sports on the beaches of Kythira, such as diving in magnificent underwater areas, and of course all water sports. However, remember to be careful about your safety while exploring with exciting activities, especially when you are in a new location, because our carelessness should not become a concern or problem for others.

When planning your Kythira holiday, you should first consider the important areas to see, draw up a list and keep it with you until the trip is over and it’s time to return at home. To compile this list, our website will certainly give you ample resources, as there are many sections available for your thorough information and first moments in Kythira. Chora and its Venetian Castle, Agia Pelagia, Kapsali, Mylopotamos and Avlemonas are the must-see areas and attractions in Kythira that can surely impress visitors and win their hearts. The island has many villages, they may be small in size, but they are traditional, beautiful and picturesque, and will surely be among the best villages you have ever visited.

So, don’t leave the fun that awaits you and enjoy unforgettable, see directly the routes to Kythira and book your tickets to the island of Heavenly Venus.

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