The Kythira

oinopoieio stratigoy kythira

The wines of Kythira

Kythira is known for producing excellent wines, which are part of the island's rich winemaking tradition. Viticulture on the island dates back to ancient times and its wines were known and appreciated throughout the Greek world. The vineyards of Kythira thrive in a variety of aromatic and flavorful varieties, catapulting the quality of their wine. The wines of Kythira are usually light to...

Παραλία Καλαδί

Boat trip around Kythira

A boat trip around Kythira is a wonderful experience that will allow you to discover the coastline and picturesque beaches of the island from a different perspective. Such an activity is ideal for all ages, for families, for groups of friends or even for people traveling alone. Here are some ideas for such an excursion. Your first move is to find out about the available sea excursions in...

Καψάλι Κυθηρα

Top villages in Kythira

Kythira or Tsirigo, the wonderful Greek island with rich history and culture. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages and welcoming atmosphere. If you are thinking of visiting the island for a few days, and the time is not enough to explore all the attractions, below are some of the top villages that are definitely worth visiting. Chora The capital of the island,...


Venetian castles of Kythira

The three Venetian castles highlight the island's rich history and cultural past. During the Venetian period, which lasted from 1207 to 1797, for about 590 years. Among other things, the Venetians built a system of castles and fortifications in various parts of the island to protect the area from enemy and pirate attacks, as well as to consolidate their power in the Aegean. In Kythera there are a...

Χλωρίδα Κυθήρων

The flowers of Kythira

Kythera is an island known as "the island of flowers" because of the great variety and beauty of its flowers. Besides its unique flowers it is known for its mild climate, its natural beauty. The island is home to about 500 species of flowers. These flowers can be found all over the island, in fields, forests and gardens. They bloom in spring and summer, adding a wonderful splash of color to the...

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