The Kythira


Venetian castles of Kythira

The three Venetian castles highlight the island's rich history and cultural past. During the Venetian period, which lasted from 1207 to 1797, for about 590 years. Among other things, the Venetians built a system of castles and fortifications in various parts of the island to protect the area from enemy and pirate attacks, as well as to consolidate their power in the Aegean. In Kythera there are a...

Χλωρίδα Κυθήρων

The flowers of Kythira

Kythera is an island known as "the island of flowers" because of the great variety and beauty of its flowers. Besides its unique flowers it is known for its mild climate, its natural beauty. The island is home to about 500 species of flowers. These flowers can be found all over the island, in fields, forests and gardens. They bloom in spring and summer, adding a wonderful splash of color to the...

Istoria Kythiron

Kythera the island of Heavenly Venus

The myth says that the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the waters of Kythera and spent the first years in her favorite sanctuary, then went to Cyprus, where it is also considered the place of the goddess. The desymbolization of the above story reveals the dual nature of the goddess she was, spiritual and carnal love. Kythera bears the title of the island of the Heavenly Venus for several reasons, let's...

Myloi Mylopotamou

Watermills of Mylopotamos Kythira

Watermills are one of the earliest machines ever built, dating back thousands of years. It was a major advance over grinding grain by hand or by animals. Watermills direct a quantity of water to turn a large wheel. This wheel transfers motion to a grinding mechanism that crushes the grains into flour. In Kythira the wheel is moved by water falling from above into a large hatch with force, which...


The Mill of Philippi

The water mill of Philippi in Mylopotamos is a unique example of traditional Kythera architecture and technology. In addition to its impressive construction, it offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the Kytherian way of life in the past. In those years, the area numbered 23 mills, making the area a richly active commercial center, bustling with life, socializing, and...

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