Kythera the island of Heavenly Venus

Istoria Kythiron

The myth says that the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the waters of Kythera and spent the first years in her favorite sanctuary, then went to Cyprus, where it is also considered the place of the goddess. The desymbolization of the above story reveals the dual nature of the goddess she was, spiritual and carnal love. Kythera bears the title of the island of the Heavenly Venus for several reasons, let’s look at the most important ones:


Birth of Aphrodite: According to Hesiod, Aphrodite was born from the foam created when Uranus’s genitals fell into the Kythera Sea after he was mutilated by his son Cronus in their power struggle. It is said that the goddess arrived at one of the beaches of Kythira on a shell.
Sanctuary of Aphrodite: On the island there was the first and largest sanctuary of the Heavenly Venus in Greece. It is believed that the goddess especially adored Kythera and spent time there.
Invoking “Kytheria”: Homer in the Iliad refers to Aphrodite as “Kytheria goddess of love, nurturer”, underscoring her connection to the island.

Historical facts

Archaeological findings: Archaeological findings have been found, such as statues, inscriptions and ruins, which testify to the worship of Aphrodite in Kythera. Today, in the wider area of Paleochora, there are archaeological findings that are believed to be the sanctuary of Aphrodite, the proof of the myth remains in the archaeological hoe.
Pilgrimages: The sanctuary of Aphrodite in Kythera was an important place of pilgrimage for centuries, attracting believers from all over the Greek world.

Cultural heritage

Traditions: Tradition wants Kythera to be the island where Aphrodite taught love and beauty.
Art: The goddess Aphrodite is often depicted in works of art related to Kythera, such as paintings, sculptures, vases, and music. Romantic haven. It may not be a coincidence that the most famous couple in history, Paris and the beautiful Helen, chose Kythera as their romantic retreat or honeymoon if you like.

Baths of Aphrodite Kythera
The Baths of Aphrodite the natural pool next to the sea in Kythera.

Natural beauty

Picturesque landscape: The island is famous for its wild beauty, with beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and green landscapes. There are still sites such as the baths of Aphrodite a small sea lake near Limniona, but also other natural environments where a goddess could frequent. Atmosphere: The peaceful atmosphere and romantic aura of Kythera perfectly matches the myth of Aphrodite.

To summarize, Kythera is considered the island of the Heavenly Venus thanks to a number of mythological, historical, cultural and natural reasons. The connection of the island with the goddess of love and beauty is an integral part of the identity and charm of Kythera.

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