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Kithera.gr ~ Panorama is the largest website for Kythera, and one of the largest in Greece in its category. Shows in detail 21 villages, 33 beaches, 16 monuments, 8 natural areas, 6 hiking trails, a total of 84 locations of the island, where for each location 8-12 photos are displayed, a total of 520 photos, of which 82 are panoramic, 464 Live road maps, data and texts, through a uniquely high level modern presentation.
The rich material of Kithera.gr ~ Panorama is displayed through a pleasant and easy-to-use environment, addressed to an audience of all ages, with the aim of getting to know the island properly, creating their desire to visit the island of Heavenly Venus soon.

We sincerely thank everyone who communicates with us, and for the positive comments sent to us regarding Kithera.gr ~ Panorama.
We continue with the promise to constantly upgrade the level of Kithera.gr ~ Panorama, and inviting everyone this summer to get to know the magical Kythera and its hospitable people!
We wish you a wholeheartedly pleasant holiday in Kythera, the island of Ourania Aphrodite and Pure Love!

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