Excursions to Kythira

Tours, Boat Excursions in the Seas of Kythira

The wonderful coastlines of the island with the enchanting beaches, big ορ small, but also some hidden ones, invite us to visit them and discover their unique beauties. During the summer season in Kythira, you will have the opportunity to take a sea tour of the island, visit the rocky island of Chytra, go diving in the unique seabed of the island, or take a full-day excursion to the beaches of Kythira. Whatever you choose, it will give you an unforgettable experience!

DRAKAKIS TOURS ~~~ Boat tours

Day cruise “Round of Kythιra” 8 hours. ~ Cruise “East or West of Kythera” 4 hours. ~ “Unique sunset” cruise 2 hours. ~ Cruise – Transfer “On a secret beach”.
Kythira, Tel: +30 2736031160 ~ See DRAKAKIS TOURS

Glass Bottom Boat Chytra ~~~ marine Tours

Glass Bottom Kythira
Kapsali, Tel: +30 6974022079 ~ See Glass Bottom

Kythera Dive Center ~~~ Diving

Kythera Dive Center
Kapsali, Tel: +30 6944314152 ~ See Kythera Dive Center

Saint Nicolas Motor Sailer ~~~ Boat Tours

Saint Nicolas kythera
Capsali, Tel: +30 6936870391 ~ See Saint Nicolas

Theo With The Boat ~~~ Boat Tours

Theo With The Boat kythira
Agia Pelagia, Tel: +30 6944443766 ~ See Theo With The Boat

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