Market in Kythira

Learn about authentic local products, and where to get Kythera’s famous thyme honey, delicious oil nuts, sebrevibas yellow flowers that never wither.
Check out some of the nicest shops on the island, with gifts, authentic local produce, bookstores, jewelry, art, and more.
Local bazaar in Potamos Square, in the summer and in Livadi, with fresh products from local producers that are definitely worth trying.
Telephone directory for Public services, Police, Hospital, professionals, Public services, pharmacies, and more.

Local products


Kythira honey made from thyme, the delicious oil nuts, semprevives. ➼

Shops kythira


Giftware, Jewelry, Artwork, Books. ➼

Market in Kythira


Local and homemade products from local producers. ➼

Υπηρεσίες στα Κύθηρα


Telephone directory for Police, Hospital, Pharmacies, Municipality of Kythira, etc. ➼

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