Travel by car to Kythira.

Travel to Kythira in the comfort of your car, through a wonderful route that crosses the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Peloponnese, with destination Neapoli or Gythio. From there you will find a connection to Kythira with the ferry Porphyrousa daily from Neapoli, and the ferry Aqua Jewel from Gytheio. Also the ship Aqua Jewel operates routes to Kythira from Kissamos, Crete.
We recommend that you book your ferry tickets in time, especially during the summer season, so that you don’t face any problems.
See Ferry itineraries to Kythira

Route: Athens – Gythio.

Distance: 278 km, Duration: 3.27′, Itineraries AQUA JEWEL to Kythira

Route: Athens – Neapoli.

Distance: 349 km, Duration: 4.43′, Itineraries Porphyrousa to Kythira

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