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Water sports, Diving, Hiking in Kythira
Kythira has a wonderful and at the same time unique natural environment, which immediately impresses those who visit the island for the first time.
The rich vegetation and abundant running waters, which often resemble a continental area, together with the authentic traditional landscape, are a promise for those who love to walk and discover the hidden treasures of nature by following marked hiking trails.
During the summer season, the island’s dozens of beaches, some large and some small, are a guarantee for unforgettable holidays. But even if you want something more than swimming, like taking your family for a quiet ride on a pedal boat, or tearing up the waves with your skis, here you will find all the infrastructure for your favorite sport.
The mountain peaks of the island sink into the sea gently forming beautiful beaches, but in some cases abruptly creating impressive underwater geological formations, magnificent reefs full of life and colors, or sea caves of unique beauty waiting for diving fans to explore.

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Useful tips for a pleasant holiday in Kythira.

The first step to easily and quickly organize your summer holidays is to find out about the ship, plane, or bus routes from Athens to Kythira, depending on which means you want to travel to the island of Aphrodite. Especially during the summer season, take care of the issuance of your tickets in time, as long as you take the car with you, as early as possible before the date of departure, and of booking your accommodation. It is important not to forget to bring your ID, passport, driver’s license or any other necessary document to be able to board the ship or plane.
Find out what the current measures against covid-19 are for those who travel.
See the weekly weather forecast, find out about the weather in Kythira and other related weather forecasts.

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