Map of Kythira

    Discover Kythira guided by a Map!

  • All Villages and Settlements, Beaches, Historical Monuments, Natural Areas.
  • Includes the signposted Hiking Trails for pleasant journeys on the island of Heavenly Venus.
  • Marking with kilometer distances for all routes.
  • With realistic representation icons for every major attraction in Kythira.
  • High resolution and definition, which allows you to enlarge it as much as you want, for easy and comfortable reading.
  • Ideal for all devices, mobile phones, ipad, laptops, pc.
  • No internet connection required to access the map, just have the map saved on your device, and it’s always available!
  • Samer sale 5€ Download Kythira Map
Kythita map

Hover your mouse over the map to see a 2x zoom. Actual download size is X4 larger, high resolution, 100% JPG Quality.


Summer Sale 5€

The map is compatible for all mobile phones, ipads, laptops and PCs ~ Buy now Map of Kythira

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