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Kythira is the island of the celestial Aphrodite, with the happy light of July bathing the blue waters on the beaches, with the colors of nature composing wonderful natural landscapes illuminated by the bright light of summer, generously offering unique moments of enjoyment to the visitor. Plan your trip seeing all sights with presentations by images background information, and detailed road and tour maps to our travel quide.


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200 Freedom

1821 - Freedom or Death

200 Years of Freedom, from the day that the spark of the revolution lit in the souls of the Greeks, for freedom, self-determination, democracy. Today, although these values are taken for granted, they do not cease to require the constant conscientious support of each one, for their smooth preservation.


Plan your trip from home.

Decide how to travel to Kythira taking care to find out about the ways to access the beautiful island of Heavenly Aphrodite. You have at your disposal to choose By Ferry from Piraeus or Kastelli of Crete, or Gythio by ferry Aqua Jule, by plane from Athens airport, and by car or by KTEL bus, from Athens to Naples or Gythio and from there with the ships Porphyrousa or Aqua Jule respectively for Kythira. Check the updated itineraries for Kythira and try to book your tickets on time as early as possible from the date you want to travel, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises that will definitely ruin your vacation. Especially during the summer, we recommend that you do not go to the port without having previously booked your tickets. Also in case you need to rent a car for your transportation to the island, make sure you have a reservation before your arrival in Kythira. See rental cars in Kythira

A first digital taste from Kythira!

A digital tour of the island, we can say that it looks like the recipe we read on the internet for a wonderful dessert, with wonderful raw materials, a unique place of preparation, which promises a unique pleasure, but we have not tried it yet. has taken care to create the appropriate conditions, which resemble as much as possible in reality, while avoiding exaggerations and unnecessary beautifications, so that the visitor through his browsing on our website can gain a sense as close to reality as possible. So we have chosen to present equally all the sights of the island, from the most prominent to the most humble. In our tourist guide you will see complete presentations with photos and interesting information for each attraction separately, thus capturing all the villages and settlements, all the beaches, the important historical monuments, and the natural locations of the island that are definitely worth visiting.

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Start your research as early as possible, so that you have the comfort of time, but also the patience for the most thorough research possible. In the tourist guide for Kythira you will find some of the best accommodation companies, with a variety of photos of the rooms as well as the common areas, and useful information about the Facilities they offer. You will also find distances of enterprise with the main points of the island, such as Port, Airport, Kapsali at the southern end, and Agia Pelagia at the northern end of the island. We emphasize that it is best to contact directly the people in charge of the accommodation that you are interested in, so that they can answer all your questions, you will find the necessary contact details for each accommodation business. In addition, match the accommodations you like, with their locations in the detailed Map of Kythira, so that you still have a more complete view of your routes in Kythira.

Map of Kythira

High resolution Road Map includes routes to the villages, settlements, and beaches of the island.

Tourist map with all the sights of the island, historical monuments, monasteries, natural areas, presented with icons for better illustration.

Hiking trails for dreamy nature trails for sports lovers and not only.
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Discover the island of celestial Aphrodite and pure love, the love refuge of Paris and the beautiful Helen.

10 Routes in Kythira

10 Top Routes in Kythira

We have selected for you the 10 best routes for the top attractions in Kythira, which are definitely worth visiting during your stay on the island, and they will excite you, without spending your time on pointless travel..


Local Products of Kythira

The world famous oil rusks, the famous thyme honey from antiquity with its wonderful aroma, the semprevives the flowers with the yellow blossom that never die, are some of the local Products that you would like to know.