Villages of Kythira

Villages and settlements of Kythira.
Due to the delayed touristic development in Kythira, the villages managed to preserve their traditional color, and today they are valuable ornaments of the island. In summary, we should mention Avlemonas, the picturesque fishing village with the Cycladic color, in the center of the island the traditional villages of Aroniadika, Potamos, Pitsinades, and in the north Karavas with its rich vegetation and springs.
In the southern part of Kythira, the capital Chora with stately houses, picturesque narrow streets and a panoramic view of three seas, a little further down the cosmopolitan Kapsali built on the seafront in a double bay with its wonderful natural environment, in the center west the beautiful traditional village of Mylopotamos with rich vegetation, streams with running water, and its square under centuries-old plane trees.
In our tourist guide www.kithera.gr ~ Panorama we have made sure to present below all the villages and settlements in Kythira, which is definitely worth visiting during your stay on the island.

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