Villages in Kythira

Traditional villages of Kythira

Due to the late development of tourism in Kythira, villages maintained their traditional color, and today they are precious jewels of the island. The picturesque fishing village Avlemonas with the Cycladic color, Aroniadika, Pitsinades and Potamos are traditional villages at the central of the island, and in the north Karavas with the lush valley and springs.

In the southern part of the island, the capital Chora with mansions, picturesque narrow streets and panoramic views, a bit below which built in seaside double bay Kapsalis with wonderful natural environment, to the west Mylopotamos traditional village with lush, flowing waters and its square under plane trees.

Village Aroniadika


Location: Central.
Traditional and preservable village with beautiful graphically houses.

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Agia pelagia

Agia Pelagia

Location: North.
Graphic village in the north of the island.

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Village Mylopotamos


Location: West.
Traditional Village, with lush vegetation, trees and ravines with brooks and streams.

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Village Avlemonas


Location: Center east.
Traditional fishing village with small peaceful picturesque harbor and Cycladic color.

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Village Chora


Location: South.
The capital of the island with the traditional houses, the imposing Venetian castle and panoramic views.

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Village Diakofti


Location: East.
Picturesque Village with quiet beach shall constitute the main port of the island.

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Village Kapsali


Location: South.
Traditional village in the southern part of Kythira constitutes the cosmopolitan area of ​​the island.

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Village Karavas


Location: Βόρεια.
Traditional village with lush ravine and springs.

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Village Kato Chora

Kato Chora

Location: West.
Traditional and preserved settlement of Milopotamos, there is the homonymous Venetian castle.

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Village Livadi


Location: South central.
In most developing village is the commercial center of the south side of the island.

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Village Mitata


Location: Central.
Graphical village with panoramic views to the south of the island.

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Village Pitsinades


Location: Central.
Graphical village with beautiful traditional houses and graphical courtyards.

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Village Platia Ammos

Plateia Ammos

Location: North east.
Graphical seaside village on the homonymous beach with fine sand.

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Village Potamos


Location: Central.
The largest village in Kythira with many traditional and neoclassical houses.

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Village Viaradika


Location: Central south.
Graphical village in a lush vegetation valley, with springs and running waters.

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Village Aloizianika


Location: Central.
Graphical village with many traditional houses with courtyards.

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Village Kalamos


Location: South east.
Graphical sparsely populated village into rich natural environment.

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