Hiking trails in Kythira

Enjoy the marked paths of Kythira island!
The natural beauty of Kythera becomes a pole of attraction for hiking enthusiasts, who enjoy exploring the island on paths that lead to places of unique beauty.
The paths in Kythira were opened in the past by the inhabitants of the island and functioned in many cases as main roads to difficult destinations, or as a shortcut between main roads, but then with the decrease in population and the corresponding decrease in agricultural work, many of them were closed from the vegetation, but some of them continued to be preserved by the passage of wild goats and their traces are preserved to this day.
Through the secret routes that reveal the paths, they illuminate unseen aspects of the island, generously offering all the greatness of Kythira to lovers of nature and exploration. Getting to know the natural landscape at the speed of walking gives the eye the opportunity to see and understand the natural environment in all its fullness, transforming this activity into an experience, which is ultimately a true recreational exercise absolutely necessary for modern man.

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