M31 Potamos – Paleochora

Hiking trail M31 Potamos – Paleochora, Kythira
M31 Potamos – Paleochora
Hiking trail M31 Potamos – Paleochora, Kythira


  • Path length: 3.5 km
  • Duration: approx. 1.40 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cultural Monuments

Starting point: The old Potamos hospital.

Potamos is centrally located in Kythira and is the largest and most populated village on the island. Even today, it maintains its traditional color intact, with the bazaar every Sunday, and several neoclassical houses that, together with the local traditional ones, compose a special architectural effect with obvious influences from the Peloponnese.
The starting point of the marked path is at the old hospital, and heading east we follow the asphalt road and then a cement road until we reach the picturesque settlement of Melitianika.
From there we follow the stone cobblestone road that intersects with the asphalt road, and after a few tens of meters we turn right onto the dirt road which then becomes a path, until we reach the traditional village of Trifylianika with the famous spring. In the beautiful square of the village we will see old stone houses with their courtyards, which are wonderful examples of the traditional aesthetics of the island.
The path going downhill leaves the village passing through wonderful dry rocks, and mountain slopes at the end of which, especially in the spring season, we will see running waters forming wonderful streams and small ponds along their path, creating a wonderful natural landscape, which will accompany you almost until to see before us the majestic Paleochora.
Arriving at our final destination, the Byzantine castle-state of Paleochora or Agios Dimitrios as it was called when it was the capital of Kythera and numbered approximately 3000 inhabitants, until it was completely destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa in 1537. The tour of the recently restored archaeological site makes clear the image that the city would have with its high walls, public buildings, stately homes, and its important Byzantine churches, some of which are preserved to this day in good condition. The magic of the place is completed with the wonderful view offered by the location of Paleochora dominating the top of steep cliffs, with the imposing gorge ending in the sea through dense vegetation on the small beach of Kakia Lagada.

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PotamosTrifylianikaPalaiohoraKakia Lagada
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Additional Details

  • Hora: 19,7 χιλ
  • Agia Pelagia: 6,5 χιλ
  • Port: 19,6 χιλ
  • Airport: 9,3 χιλ


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