Tour in Kythira

The tourist guide for Kythira leads the way by presenting exclusively for its visitors the Guide a high-level unique presentation of the island. With a single click you have the possibility to see everything on the island in just 7.10″, automatically taking an impressive walk to the best areas.
The Top Sights tour begins with the ferry from Piraeus sailing into Diakofti the port of Kythira, and immediately begins an exciting self-guided tour of the entire island.
You will see traditional villages such as the fishing village of Avlemonas, the capital Hhora with its large Venetian castle and stately houses, the cosmopolitan Kapsali with its double bays, the traditional village of Mylopotamos with its running waters and centuries-old plane trees.
Discover some of the best beaches in Kythira such as the omega-shaped Kaladi, the small but picturesque Halkos beach, the enchanting Melidoni overlooking the Kretan sea.
You will get to know which monuments you should visit during your stay in Kythira, such as the wonderful Byzantine state of Paleochora, the Venetian castles of Hora and Mylopotamos, Katuni in Livadi the largest stone bridge in Greece.
You will spot natural beauties such as the area of ​​Myloi in Mylopotamos with traditional watermills and waterfalls with lakes, the rocky island of Hytra opposite Kapsali which has a magical cave with blue phosphorescent waters, where seals find shelter.

The routes presented in the above tour are indicative, serve illustrative purposes, and do not necessarily constitute the recommended driving routes between the locations of the island.
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