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The History of the island, the mechanism of Antikythira, the name Kythira, the shipwreck of Antikythira.
The history of Kythira is lost back in the depths of time, the period when important changes reached our days as imposing myths, such as the struggle for power between Saturn and the son of Zeus, where the genitals of the former fell into the seas of Kythira and from the foam that formed the goddess Aphrodite was born.
Homer in the Iliad mentions, “the Kytherian goddess of love and nurturer”, thus making the first historical reference to the origin of the name of the island of Kythira.
But other important recent events have been linked to Kythira, such as the finding and raising of the famous Antikythera Mechanism, as well as extraordinary statues and works of art from the Mentor shipwreck off Diakofti.
The tourist guide ~ Panorama, with a sense of responsibility, took care of the proper presentation of such an important project, the highlighting of the wreck of Antikythera, to create a unique presentation of a high level, which brings together all the material so far and gives it comprehensibly to the wider audience. A venture that proved to be successful based on dozens of publications and that it went viral on Youtube!

Kythira history


The history of the island from ancient times, Byzantium, the Anglocracy, until today. ➼

Information about Kythira


The Geography of the island, the nature, flora and fauna. ➼

Antikythira Mechanism


The technological miracle of antiquity, and what were its functions. ➼

Shipwreck of Antikythera


A unique presentation about the history of the wreck, which went viral. ➼

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Learn abou tthe Name Kythira comes from, with historical sources starting from the Homeric epics , what did Akytheros mean in antiquity, and what are its synonyms.
Get to know Antikythira the small but wonderful island between Crete and Kythera, which is definitely worth a visit.
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