Πανηγύρι στο Μυλοπόταμο

Traditional festivals of Kythira

The traditional festivals or Choroi (dances) of Kythira are an important part of the local culture and tradition. It is an opportunity for the residents and visitors of the island to get to know each other, celebrate and enjoy traditional music, dance, local gastronomy and customs. The festivals in Kythira are usually associated with the feast of the patron Saint, the festive anniversary of a...


The Mill of Philippi

The water mill of Philippi in Mylopotamos is a unique example of traditional Kythera architecture and technology. In addition to its impressive construction, it offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the Kytherian way of life in the past. In those years, the area numbered 23 mills, making the area a richly active commercial center, bustling with life, socializing, and...

Πανηγύρι στο Μυλοπόταμο

Cultural Events in Kythira

The Municipality of Kythira organizes the "Journey to Kythira" festival every summer, with numerous cultural and artistic events from May to October. Festival of the Municipality of Kythira - Journey to Kythira Exhibitions of visual artists: The exhibitions present works by Greek and foreign artists, with a variety of themes and styles. Concerts: Concerts are organized with classical,...

Ναυάγιο την Κυθήρων δημοσιεύματα

Antikythera shipwreck news

Dozens of positive media reports about In the headlines in 2014 with the Antikythera Shipwreck project, which went viral from day one! Some of the sensational newspaper and website headlines reported. Unique presentation! - Impressive video by - This was the cargo of the wreck of Antikythera - An enchanting video! Antikythera Shipwreck by A fascinating history...


Slender thread 2

The fragile thread exhibition is the second part of a project that started with our acquaintance with the traditional textiles of Kythira. The first exhibition was intended to highlight the history of the local textile tradition and highlight a faded legacy and a forgotten art. Emerging from old chests, locked attics and public dustbins where handmade textiles and parts of damaged tools were...

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