Virgin and unspoilt beaches of Kythira

Παραλία Καλάμι Κυθηρα

Where time seems to have stopped, where today’s man perceives the authentic natural environment in all its dimensions, where nature continues to evolve unaffected, where our care for the preservation of these sensitive environments such as the beaches must be especially increased now and in the next generations.

What does virgin beach mean?

The term “virgin beach” has a double interpretation:
First, it refers to a coastline that has not been affected by human activity. This means that the beach is free of buildings, infrastructure and other signs of human intervention. The sand is natural, the vegetation is wild, and the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet.
Second, the term can be interpreted metaphorically. A pristine beach can symbolize beauty, purity, wildness, or isolation. It can also be used to describe something that is untouched, authentic, or original.

The benefits of the virgin beach.
Ability to relax and disconnect from everyday life: On a pristine beach, away from crowds and noise, people can find peace and tranquility. They can enjoy the sound of the waves, the sea breeze and the beauty of the natural landscape.
Opportunities to explore: Pristine beaches are often found in remote areas, surrounded by wild nature. This makes them ideal for hiking, biking, camping and other exploration activities.
Wildlife Spotting: On pristine beaches, visitors can encounter various species of animals and plants not found in more developed areas. This can be a unique and educational experience.
Protecting the environment: Preserving pristine beaches is important for protecting the environment. These areas play a vital role in coastal ecosystems and contribute to ocean health.

In addition, the argument that the development of a beach can benefit local communities in Kythira or elsewhere bringing jobs and income, it is now inappropriate and abusive. There are countless beaches that are organized and offer a multitude of services, therefore it is extreme and an exaggeration to want the few that remain to become touristic as well. This will result in the disappearance of an entire category, such as that of the pristine beach. It is important to find a balance between preserving the natural beauty of an area and promoting sustainable development.
It is necessary to remember that the protection of virgin beaches and the natural environment in general is the responsibility of all of us. We must visit them with respect.

Kyriakoulou Beach
Kyriakoulou beach is a secluded beach in Kythira, accessible only by boat or by foot. It is located on the south coast of the island, between Kapsali and Chalkos beach. The beach consists of fine pebbles and sand and has crystal clear blue-green waters. It is ideal for those looking for a quiet and peaceful beach to relax and enjoy swimming.

Kalami Beach
Kalami beach is another secluded beach in Kythira, known for its wild beauty. It is located in the center-western part of the island, near the village of Mylopotamos. Access to the beach is by a dirt road and the last 300 meters by hiking on a steep path. The beach consists of pebbles and has crystal clear waters. It is ideal for those looking for a quiet beach to enjoy swimming and exploring the wild nature. Not ideal for families with small children. If you plan to visit Kalami Beach, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring water with you. Be careful when walking on the path to the beach as it can be slippery.

Kyriakoulou Beach
The small but picturesque beach of Kyriakoulos is well hidden between high rocks.

Deceptive beaches in Kythira

These are beaches in Kythira, which are within the Natura 2000 network and to which concessions will be prohibited and ‘ extension or placement of umbrellas, deckchairs, etc.
The cheat beaches in Kythira are Prasonisi, Dragonera, Antidragonera, Avgo or Khytra, Kapelo, Koufo and Fidonisi.
It is recalled that a Register of Beach and Beach Concession Agreements is being created and the “MyCoast” digital application is being created, through which citizens will be able to immediately file complaints for exceeding concessions or for arbitrary beach occupation.

The 6 prohibited activities
According to the KYA, the granting of the right to simple use of the seashore and the beach, as well as any other action that may endanger their morphology and their integrity in terms of their ecological functions, is prohibited on “Deceited beaches”, and in particular:
a) The presence of motor vehicles,
b) the organization of events with the participation of more than ten people,
c) music or the production of other sounds using an electrical reproduction or amplification device, for the exercise of activities,
d) the placement of mobile elements, such as table seats, umbrellas, sunbeds, etc.
e) the exercise of activities that serve bathers or the recreation of the public, for the rental of marine recreational vehicles,
f) the operation of a self-propelled or trailer mobile refreshment bar.

Tips for visiting pristine beaches:
Make sure you are prepared, wear comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Make sure you have plenty of water and fruit with you. Respect the environment, don’t leave trash on the beach. Be sure to leave no trace of your passage.
Be careful as some pristine beaches can be difficult to access, and wear appropriate footwear.
Enjoy the experience as the pristine beaches are a unique place to relax and enjoy the authentic beauty of nature. Take time to explore the area and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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