The wines of Kythira

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Kythira is known for producing excellent wines, which are part of the island’s rich winemaking tradition. Viticulture on the island dates back to ancient times and its wines were known and appreciated throughout the Greek world. The vineyards of Kythira thrive in a variety of aromatic and flavorful varieties, catapulting the quality of their wine.

The wines of Kythira are usually light to medium in body and have fruity aromas and flavors. White wines are usually dry, while red wines can be dry or sweet.
Some of the most popular varieties of wine in Kythera are:
Arikaras: This variety has thick large black pods (Karras means black) which is also excellent as a table variety. Red wine from the native variety of the same name, has a deep red color and aromas of fruits and spices. The Arikaras variety arrived in Kythira from Smyrna, which was then called Phokianos on the island, because its origin was from Phocaea in Asia Minor. Before the war, the first grape to be sold in the market of Piraeus was Arikaras, which was then also called Tsirigotikos, since it came from the ephorus plain of Paleopolis.
Petrolanos: White wine from the native variety of the same name. It has a golden color and aromas of citrus fruits and white flowers. The myth says that the goddess Aphrodite, arriving in the ancient land of Kythera, sowed the petrolanos, a wine that exudes aromas of citrus fruits and citrus.

In Kythira there are several wineries, with the wine production on the island being around 90,000 liters per year. The wines of Kythera have been exported to countries such as Germany, France and the United States with excellent reviews.
The Kythera Stratigou Winery is located in Markesakia between the villages of Livadi and Pitsinianika . It produces a wide variety of excellent wines, such as Arikaras, Petrolanos, Logades and Lyritis. Arikaras and other wines of the Stratigos winery have won many prizes in Greek and international competitions.
The Traditional Patitiri of Kyr Manolis in Tsikalaria with a history dating back to 1878, was then considered a point of reference for the local producers of the island. Today the place has been restored and functions as a museum and sales of wines from local varieties.
Firrogi Kytheraiki Winery Distillery, located on Aroniadikon Potamos street, near the intersection to Logothetianika. The winery produces the traditional Kythira drink Faturada.
Porphyrousa Estate in Paleopolis, is a visitable farm, with its own guest house in Mylopotamos, producing organic wines from selected local varieties.
Kontraditis – Irini Veneri Travasarou, red wine from Arikara (Fokiano) & cabernet, fermented in oak barrels and bottled at Kythira Stratigou Winery.
Of course, in Kythira there is a large production by small producers, who with special care and passion make their own wine from various varieties of Kythira. Some of them you can get at local bazaar or in shops with local products.

Wine Festival. Every August, the Wine Festival is organized in Mitata. The festival is a great opportunity to have fun, taste the wines of Kythira and meet the winemakers of the island. Also at the agricultural fair in Fratsia that takes place every year in the summer, you will have the opportunity to experience local varieties of wine directly from the producers.

Tasting.Many wineries in Kythira offer wine tasting. Tasting is a great way to learn about the island’s wines and find the ones you like.

If you visit Kythira be sure to buy wine from the local wineries. The wines from Kythira are an excellent souvenir and it is worth combining the wines of the island with the local cuisine.
The wines of Kythira can be found in wineries and restaurants throughout Greece. They can also be purchased directly from the island’s wineries, local produce shops, local supermarkets, as well as several mini markets.
It is a great treat and a great way to experience the island’s rich history and culture.

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