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Δρομολόγια πλοίων για Κύθηρα

I missed the boat what to do?

Get updated with useful instructions and tips for passengers who miss the ship due to its delay, but also what happens when the passenger arrives late at the port and misses the ship? Delay or change of route If you miss your ship due to a delay, or an unexpected change in its schedule, here are some steps you can take: Contact the shipping company: Telephone: Contact the ferry company...

Νυχτερινός ουρανός Κυθήρων

Astrotourism in Kythira

Kythira, the picturesque island geographically located between the Peloponnese and Crete, is an ideal destination for astrotourism. The starry sky in Kythera is one of the most impressive that one can see in Europe. The absence of light pollution on the island allows the stars to shine with unprecedented brightness and clarity. In fact, the island was an astronomical observatory for the Minoans from...


Full-day excursions in Kythira

Kythira is a beautiful destination that offers many possibilities for exploration and excursions. If you are a lover of nature, history and culture, you will find many attractions to visit on the island of Heavenly Venus and pure love. There are many options for full-day tours in Kythira, depending on your interests. Here are some ideas for full-day excursions in Kythira that promise great...

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6 Tips for budget holidays in Kythira

Kythira is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, located in the Ionian Sea, below from the Peloponnese and above Crete. The island is known for its wonderful natural environment, its picturesque traditional villages, its amazing beaches with clear waters, its rich history, and its calm environment without crowds. Although Kythera is not considered an expensive tourist destination, you may be...

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Holidays in Kythira with friends or alone?

Kythira is a beautiful island located between Myrtoos, the Cretan and the Ionian seas. It is known for its picturesque villages, stunning beaches, important historical monuments, and rich history. As an up-and-coming holiday destination, it offers a rare combination of wonderful natural scenery and hospitality services, outside of the crowds and mass tourism. Holidays in Kythira can be a great...

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