The Kythira


Advantages of organized beaches

Kythira has a rich coastline full of beautiful beaches. Some of them are big, some are small, some are well-known, some are isolated, some are organized and some are not. The advantages and disadvantages respectively are well known, and much debate has been generated around the serious issue. Nevertheless, many prefer the comfort of organized beaches for comfortable and fun holidays. The advantages...

Ηλοβασήλεμα Κυθηρα

Sunset in Kythira

The view of the sunset in Kythera is magnificent, in many parts of the western side of the island, overlooking the Ionian Sea. The colors of the sunset are unique. The sky is painted in shades of orange, red, purple and pink, creating a dreamy landscape. Some of the most popular and picturesque spots are starting from north to south. Where will I see the most beautiful sunset in Kythira?...

Ελαιώνες Κυθηρων

Hidden corners in Kythira

Kythera, an island with a rich physiology, heritage of the Peloponnese and Crete, is literally a plateau whose area is criss-crossed by streams with running water among local vegetation, which along the way they end up on wonderful beaches. The island, through a rich historical heritage, today presents a wide variety of historical monuments that fascinate the visitor. Many of them are popular...

Παραλία Καλάμι Κυθηρα

The hidden beaches of Kythira

Kythera is a wonderful Greek island between the Ionian Sea, Myrtoos and Cretan, it is known for its picturesque traditional villages, rich history and beautiful beaches. While some of the Kythira beaches are popular and full of tourists, there are also many hidden beaches which are ideal for those looking for peace and seclusion. Here are some of the best hidden beaches or if you prefer pristine...


Spring in Kythira

Spring in Kythira, the island that legend says gave birth to Ourania Aphrodite, is a feast of colors, scents and peace, a true experience for the island's visitor. Flowers bloom everywhere, anemones, cyclamen, orchids and countless other flowers spread vivid colors and fragrances on the hills and meadows of Kythera. In addition to anemones, cyclamen and orchids, in the spring in Kythira you...

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