Essential travel tips

Αγία Ελέσα κυθηρα

The first and most important thing is, through our website the great travel guide for Kythira, and at the same time from the tranquility of your home, to get to know Kythira and get a first taste of the sights, and the services provided.

Do as much detailed research as possible to choose the right lodging for your accommodation in Kythira, whether this is a hotel, or a room, or a house. Make sure to see as much information as possible about the accommodation you are interested in. We recommend that you contact the owners of the accommodations directly to answer any questions you may have about amenities, pricing, or anything else.

See where the accommodations you’re interested in are located, so you can combine your sightseeing and beach trips. For this reason, make sure to obtain a detailed digital map of Kythira in time so that you can immediately obtain a more complete picture of your routes on the island.

See all the available itineraries for Kythira, so you can choose exactly what you serves for your access to the island. It is essential that you book your tickets as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience. On the island for your transportation it is necessary to have your own car, otherwise you can rent or use a taxi.

When visiting some of the island’s taverns and restaurants, which during the summer season are very busy, make sure you make a table reservation in time to avoid unnecessary hassle and standing.

Get a taste of the nightlife of the island from the Kythira Municipality Festival program, where you will find a multitude of events, such as traditional festivals, music concerts, theater performances and much more.

Summer holidays are equivalent to daily carefree dips in the wonderful beaches of the island. Make sure you have the right clothes, i.e. comfortable clothes, the right shoes, bearing in mind that many times access to the beaches requires shoes with a firm grip. It is necessary to have a hat with you to protect your face from the sun, and sunscreen with a high protection index.

Do not miss to enjoy the local products such as delicious oil nuts that are now famous all over the world, get the Kythera thyme honey famous since ancient times with its wonderful aroma and taste, and take with you when leaving Sembrevives, the flowers with the yellow blossom, which means “live for ever”, so that you can keep with you forever the pleasant memory of Kythera, the island of the Heavenly Venus.

The road network of the island is dense and access to most villages and attractions is via asphalt roads. Nevertheless, as it follows, the roads are narrow, with many turns, and lush vegetation that in many cases obstructs visibility, for these reasons it is necessary to observe the speeds, as defined by the traffic signs. But apart from that, we all have to understand and be aware that we are not on the streets of the big city to run and overtake at speed, on such narrow streets. It is good when we arrive on the island to leave behind everything that burdens us, and let ourselves be in the magic of Kythira, for beautiful – harmonious holidays and recreation.

We remind you that it is absolutely necessary to observe the common quiet hours, which during the summer season (April 1 to September 30) are 15:00 to 17:30 and from 11:00 until 07:00. Breach of these boundaries by nuisance is illegal and incurs penalties. But apart from the legal dimension, we must all understand that during those hours we must not disturb others, just to fulfill our own needs. Please respect others as well.

We wish you the best vacation of your life on the island of Heavenly Venus!

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