Evening at Kythira

Nyxta Mylopotamos Kythira

A night out in Kythira can be a unique experience, depending on your preferences and what you are looking for. Whether you prefer a quiet dinner overlooking the sea, a drink in an atmospheric bar or even an evening party, Kythira has plenty to offer. Not only are they beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages, but they also have a vibrant nightlife to suit all tastes!

Night out in Kythira

The characteristic of the night life of the island is not the intense night life of the Cycladic islands, if someone wishes something like that they can go to one of these very beautiful islands. Kythira offers an authentic way of life outside of crowds and commercialism.

Romantic dinner in a restaurant with a view: Choose for yours go out in Kythira one of the many picturesque restaurants of the island that offer refined cuisine and a wonderful view of the sunset or the blue Ionian Sea. Or even if you prefer, there are taverns and restaurants inland, with a wonderful atmosphere in the squares of a traditional village, which promise dreamy moments.

Drinks in bars or cafes on the beach: Enjoy a cool drink or a glass of wine in one of the beach bars or cafes of the island, enjoying the sound of the waves and the atmosphere of the night sea. In Kapsali and Agia Pelagia there are many such music bars in front of the wave of the sea with a wonderful atmosphere. Also a nice idea for a night out are the bars in Potamos in the central square of the village, which create a unique atmosphere that is full of life.

Classic Greek Evening Stroll: Take an evening stroll along the waterfront of a seaside village, enjoy the moon over the waves, and visit the local shops and boutiques to discover local products and local art. A walk through the villages of the island is also recommended, especially when there is no moon and the stars twinkle brightly in the night sky. Kythera has been known since ancient times for its clear night sky.

Dance in Mylopotamos
The feast goes well under the century-old plane tree of the square, the dance in Mylopotamos is considered one of the most beautiful in Kythera.

Themed evening events: Look for themed evening events such as live music, traditional dances, theater, art, or cultural events taking place in various locations on the island. Find out about the festival of the Municipality of Kythira “Journey to Kythira”, which organizes every summer with a multitude of cultural events for all tastes.

Visual arts: if you are a lover of contemporary art, we inform you that there are several contemporary art galleries on the island. Two of them are located in Kapsali, they are the Follow your art gallerie, and the Zidoros art gallerie. In Potamos there is the philharmonic hall for contemporary art exhibitions. In the Chora there is the historical Mercato space where many exhibitions are organized there.

Beach Party: Every summer parties are organized with well-known DJ’s on the beaches of the island which attract a lot of people, especially young people. It is a unique opportunity to dance and party until the morning hours in the wonderful environment of a beach that will surely be unforgettable.

These are some ideas for a pleasant and sophisticated night out in Kythira. Regardless of your choices, the important thing is to enjoy the experience as simple as it is, and create unforgettable moments on the beautiful island.

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