Full-day excursions in Kythira


Kythira is a beautiful destination that offers many possibilities for exploration and excursions. If you are a lover of nature, history and culture, you will find many attractions to visit on the island of Heavenly Venus and pure love. There are many options for full-day tours in Kythira, depending on your interests. Here are some ideas for full-day excursions in Kythira that promise great moments.

Excursion to Kythera Chytra

Chytra Kythera
The beautiful rock island to the south of Kythera attracts the eye with its dynamic shape.

The rock island Chytra is one of the natural treasures of Kythera, it is located in the southeast with a total distance of: 5.56 kilometers (3.45 miles). Its main feature is its pyramidal shape, which creates a wonderful natural formation that captivates the eye. It is known for its crystal waters, and the cave inside. A trip there is an unforgettable experience, an excellent choice for those who want to escape from the crowds and enjoy the beauty of nature.
A possible program for a full-day excursion to Chytra might include the following:
Departure from Kapsali: Start your excursion following the program, in case you will follow an organized group, such as Captain Spyros’s Glass bottom which runs daily routes to Chytra. If you prefer to go with your own boat, consult the locals to inform you about it, as well as information about the weather.
Arriving at Chytra, you will have the opportunity to explore the small and steep rock island. Deep in the cave there is a very small beach frequented by seals. Chytra is considered the southernmost tip of Europe where one can meet seals. This full-day excursion to Khytra will offer you a unique experience of natural beauty and tranquility. Don’t forget to wear suitable clothes and shoes for exploring the island and take water, sun cream and a hat to protect from the sun.

Excursion to the sights of the island

Choora Tour: Start your day exploring the traditional town of Chora. Walk through the narrow streets, visit the Archaeological Museum, and the churches around the castle, and enjoy the view from the castle of Chora.
Mylopotamos: It is worth dedicating your day to a panorama of Mylopotamos which includes, a wonderful breakfast under the shade of the centuries-old plane trees in the village square, then a hike to the Neromylos which are undoubtedly the most beautiful natural landscape in Kythira, with springs with running water, with small lakes and waterfalls, the traditional mills and stone bridges. Then you can choose one of the nearby beaches such as Limnionas at 7km or Kalami at 5.5km, and then in the late afternoon a visit to the Venetian castle of Kato Chora to enjoy the most beautiful sunset of the island.
Traditional villages: Visit traditional villages and settlements, such as Potamos, Mitata, Aroniadika, and Avlemonas. Discover their architecture, tradition and authentic colour.

For history buffs

Visit to the Venetian castle Kato Chora of Mylopotamos. The Frankish Castle was built in the 13th century by the Venetians and is hidden between steep hills. The houses inside the castle which was habitable until the 50s, are relatively well preserved, creating a wonderful setting that evokes other times, the perfect sunset from the castle walls is one of the most beautiful on the island.
Visit to the Museum of Byzantine Icons in Kato Livadi. The museum houses a wonderful collection of Byzantine icons from various locations on the island.
The Byzantine castle-state of Paleochora is located in the center west of the island, and we could call it the Mystras of Kythera. In the past it was the capital of the island under the name of Agios Dimitrios, it had a strong fortification with high walls, large public buildings, and important Byzantine churches, the ruins of which are preserved to this day. The state was completely destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa.

Religious tourism

Kythera is dotted with wonderful churches and monasteries. Some of them churches are Byzantine with particular archaeological and conceptual importance. We also single out three monasteries that are worth visiting, for their unique atmosphere and the excellent natural environment in which they are located.
Monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, considered the spiritual center of Kythira, is located on the west coast of the island. There is the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary found among myrtles.
The monastery of Agia Mona is located on the east coast of the island, on the mountain above Diakofti with a panoramic view of the sea.
The monastery of Agia Elessa in the south of the island with a panoramic view of the Cretan sea.

Several Byzantine churches of historical importance and special architectural interest stand out on the island.
Agios Giorgis on the mountain, above Avlemonas in the east side of the island.
Agios Yiannis o Krasas in close proximity to the monastery of Myrtidiotissa on the west side of the island.
Agios Dimitrios in Pourkos, a wonderful Byzantine church of the 13th century of special architectural intelligence on the south side of the island near the village of Pourkos.
Agios Petros an important church of the 13th century with wonderful frescoes next to the village of Mylopotamos.

For nature lovers

Kythira hiking trails
Enchanting paths carved in the palette of nature lead us to wonderful natural environments of Kythira.

Explore the natural landscape of the island through marked Kythira hiking trails. The path M11 from Kapsali – Livadi, the path M37 Diakofti – Kolokotroni Monument, the path M41 Neromyloi Mylopotamos, the path M19 Avlemonas – Agios Giorgis on the mountain, are some of the wonderful paths of Kythira that generously offer us unforgettable moments. Study the routes on the map of the island and discover the paths that interest you the most!
Take a trip to some of the beautiful beaches of the island. The beaches of Firi Ammos, Paleopolis and Kapsali are some of the most popular.

For taste lovers

Start a culinary exploration and try the local flavors and traditional recipes in local taverns and restaurants in Kythira .
Wine tasting at Kythira Stratigou Winery, which produces excellent quality wine from local, Greek and international grape varieties.
Pay a visit to the island’s markets, try Local products, such as cheeses, honey and olives from the local bazaars organized by local producers in Potamos and Livadi. Don’t forget to try the oil nuts which are famous for their great taste and you will find them in all the bakeries on the island.

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