The traditional villages of Kythira

Μυλοπόταμος Κύθηρα

Mylopotamos, one of the most beautiful villages in Kythira, is located in the center west of the island, it is traditional, with the medieval settlement of Kato Chora preserved. It has many springs that soften abundant waters, along green paths with rich vegetation of centuries-old plane trees, forming small picturesque lakes and waterfalls along the way. The village has many attractions, such as the Myloi area with its traditional watermills and stone bridges, the Agia Sophia Cave with its 13th century frescoes at the entrance of the cave, the Venetian Castle of Kato Chora, and one of the most beautiful squares in Kythira under the centuries-old plane trees.

Kapsali is a picturesque seaside village located at the southernmost tip of Kythira. It is built along two calm omega-shaped bays, and overlooks the imposing castle of Chora, the rocky island of Hytra, and the Cretan sea. It is considered the most cosmopolitan spot on the island, offering a multitude of cultural events, water sports, but also an intense nightlife.

Potamos is located in the north-central part of the island and is the largest village in population. It is one of the villages that has at least a great architectural interest, since its houses are influenced by the two main trends that prevail on the island, that is to the north of this Peloponnese with tiled roofs, and to the south of the criticism with flat roofs. Even today it is one of the main commercial centers of the island, offering the visitor cultural events, the local bazaar with products from local small producers, and excellent tourism services.

The traditional village of Karavas.

The traditional village of Karavas is located in the north of the island and consists of small settlements built around the perimeter on steep hills. The natural environment of the village is one of the most beautiful on the island, where streams of water spring up, forming gorges rich in vegetation, with plane trees and local flora. One of the attractions of Karavas is the famous orange grove of Karavas where in the past there was a giant orange tree, which produced thousands of oranges every year according to popular tradition. In the surrounding area the main attractions are the lighthouse of Moudarios, the forest at Gerakari and Platia Ammos.

Avlemonas is located on the east coast of the island, and is the Cycladic touch in the color canvas of Kythira. It is a traditional fishing village which residentially was created with only a few dozen houses, most of them serving the needs of fishermen. The small picturesque bay with the boats and boats of the fishermen which today is a pole of attraction for the visitors of the island. Today, Avlemonas has developed into one of the main tourist centers of the island, offering excellent hospitality services and shops of various kinds. Of course, briefly, it is worth noting that during your stay on the island it is definitely worth visiting traditional villages such as Mitata, Aroniadika, Aloisianika.

Nevertheless, there are still more traditional villages and settlements on the island that are definitely worth discovering. See a complete list of all villages in Kythira, with photos, useful information, distances, and Google navigation maps.

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