Photographic Tours of Kythira

Αγιος Δημήτριος στο Πούρκο Κυθηρα

Kythira the beautiful island located in Greece and belonging to the Ionian Islands. It is the place where the goddess of pure love Aphrodite emerged from the waters of the sea, according to mythology. This place is also known as Tsirigo or Porphyrousa in ancient times. Traveling there is easy, because Kythira has a modern airport and in the summer there are daily flights from Athens, and ferry routes from Piraeus, the Peloponnese and Crete. The capital of the island is Chora, located in the southern direction. The currency of Kythira is the Euro and you can exchange it at all banks on the island. Kythira is a place full of caves, amazing beaches, museums and several medieval Venetian castles, wonderful natural areas perfect for photography lovers and to fully enjoy your tour.

You can visit the Venetian castle of Mylopotamos, which was built in the year 1560 and is located near the traditional village of Mylopotamos. There you will see Byzantine churches and houses built in the 16th century, which are still preserved today, creating a unique setting, the ideal time is the sunset which is considered the most beautiful in Kythira for wonderful souvenir photos.

The island has many small villages, where you can find people who live peacefully, away from the busy schedule and tensions that we have on a daily basis today. Take a stroll through Chora, the capital to get a taste of the traditional way of life. Walk through the narrow picturesque streets, and also visit the great Venetian castle with its panoramic view of three seas. See the section with photos from villages in Kythira to get a first taste of the villages.
You can visit some of the most beautiful villages such as Potamos in the central-north, Agia Pelagia with most accommodation units in the north, Livadi which is the commercial center of the island, the famous traditional Mylopotamos with its running waters and green meadows , the picturesque Avlemonas with its wonderful Cycladic color, the Byzantine castle-state of Paleochora which was the first capital of the island and was burnt down by the vandal Barbarossa.

Photographic Tours of Kythera
Limni beach.

The coastlines of the island are full of wonderful beaches, which we briefly mention, the small but picturesque Chalkos, Limionas an authentic fishing village, the calm Platia Ammos, the wonderful Firi Ammos in Kalamos, the famous Kaladi with the double omega-shaped gulfs, Lagada, Fourni in the north, and many others. Try swimming at these beaches and walk on the sand holding your loved one. Enjoy wonderful natural areas that make Kythira a special island. See the section with photos from nature in Kythira to get a first impression.

As you move around the island, you will come across local products that are definitely worth trying. The best is the thyme honey with international awards for its taste and aroma, the delicious nuts made of olive oil, the fatourada that is tsipouro mixed with cloves, the small yellow flowers of cebreviva which are very rare and as their name says they live for always.

Kythera is not an island known for techno parties, but it is a place full of festivals and alternative ways of recreation. The people of the island organize many musical events especially in the summer, which make the island really great for entertainment. There are many taverns offering fresh fish and delicious local cuisine, also there are bars where you can enjoy cold beer and cool cocktails. Just look at photos of Kythira to get an idea of what areas you would be interested in seeing. Also see a detailed map of Kythira with precise references to all the attractions in order to form a better picture of the place, but also the routes it suggests.
To have an amazing summer vacation, visit Kythira and experience the pleasure.

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