Kythira a wonderful getaway

Παραλία Αγιος Νικόλαος κυθηρα

Looking for a great escape from your hectic city life? Why not go to Kythira, a beautiful Greek island where you will be “transported” to another time of the year. The name Kythira translates into English Kythira. This island is also known as Tsirigo, which according to legend is the island of the goddess Urania Aphrodite and Pure Love. It is located in Southern Greece between the islands of Crete and Peloponnese. You will find this island very different from what you have seen in the other islands, because it has mountains, greens, hills, rich flora, and lagas with running water with lakes and small waterfalls, magnificent beaches and blue seas. But when you visit and explore the island, you will be captivated by its beauty and history.
The land area of Kythira is only 277 square kilometers and its coastline is about 118 kilometers. The highest mountain, Mermigaris, is located approximately 506 meters above sea level.

This island is not really that popular with world travelers. But when September comes, the routes of Kythira are heavily crossed by adventurous travelers looking for the special hiking trails.
There are many sights to see on this wonderful island with its Venetian castles, historical monuments and museums. Don’t be afraid that all you will see here is old and archaic stuff. There are also modern hotels in Kythira that are ready to offer you comfort when you have already explored the villages and historical sights of the island. In fact, there are several modern hotels that are ready to provide the services you want. The luxury and amenities they are able to offer will really depend on what you can afford. But rest assured that they will offer you maximum comfort and relaxation while enjoying all the unique and exciting things it has in store. You will find no difficulty in finding an accommodation that suits your budget.

The capital Chora, with its large mansions, creates a majestic setting. The large Venetian castle proudly dominates offering the visitor a wonderful view of Kapsali, the picturesque village with the beautiful beach located on the southern coast of the island. There are many places you can go to enrich your stay on the island. The hidden medieval first capital of Paleochora, Mystras of Kythera, worth visiting. You should also enjoy the charming character of the village of Mylopotamos, where you can taste delicious sweets while enjoying the pristine view of the lagoon with the white ducks swimming beside you. Nature lovers will have a great time because the island has steep ravines where you can discover designated routes that lead to enchanting landscapes.

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