Kythira different but wonderful

Χωριά Κυθήρων Αβλέμονας

If you look at a map of Kythira, you will notice that the geography of the island is somewhat special. The island is located just off the coast of the Peloponnese, and is closer to Crete than any other island in Greece. From all the old nautical references, the island was at the crossroads of sea travel routes, which gave it great importance. This situation subjected its first inhabitants to the influences of different cultures such as the Minoans in antiquity, and then the Byzantines, the Venetians, as well as the English. You can see the rare Minoan summit sanctuary at Agios Giorgis on the mountain, the Byzantine castle-state of Paleopolis, the Venetian influences with the castles, as well as from the Anglo-colonial period with schools and bridges in the architecture of the structures and monuments that still stand today .

Really, what is the place that is so beautiful and full of picturesque and historical sights that is often overlooked by tour guides? This place is Kythera or Tsirigo, Porphyrousa in ancient times for the shell which was abundant on the island, and from which the famous purple dye for textiles was prepared. So if you think you’re the seasoned tourist who thinks he’s already been to all the beautiful places in the world, you’re wrong. If you haven’t been to this place yet, you haven’t seen it all. This is the perfect getaway where all you will do is relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island without encountering large crowds of tourists like in other places.

The road network of Kythira is large and quite complex and connects all the beautiful villages that are scattered on the island. These villages are located among the island’s fascinating natural landscapes, which makes traveling to each of them a truly unique experience. From this road network you can access most of the wonderful beaches of Kythira. Perhaps, you will be able to discover an unexplored beach that you and your friends will have the privilege of being the first to enjoy.

The capital of Kythira is Chora. Here you can get all the souvenir photos and choose the gifts you will want to take home with you. Ending up here after a full day of sightseeing, you will find the best cuisine for a great meal. This place has all the restaurants and cafes serving local as well as international dishes.

Have you heard about the mysterious caves of Agia Sophia Mylopotamos in Kythira? This cave is only one of the caves of this island which is located in the center west of it as shown by map of Kythira . And the caves are not the only picturesque spots on this island. There is much more that you will enjoy to see if you are visiting this place for the first time.

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