Wind turbines in Kythira

ανεμογεννήτριες στα Κύθηρα


Huge Victory for Kythira in the battle against Industrial wind farms!

recall 1

recall 2

Find the differences in the two maps below!

recall wind turbines Kythira
Recall of wind turbines March 2023 at MERMINGARIS position on left.

wind turbines of Kythera
Recall of wind turbines September 2023, at the positions KROTIRI-KEFALOVOUNI-PYRGOS on the left, and KROTIRI-KEFALAKIA on the right.

In case you didn’t understand…

The island’s multifaceted fight against the energy frenzy is vindicated once again. After the withdrawal by the Kopelouzos group of the wind farm on Mount Mermiggaris a few months ago, now the ELLAKTOR group is also withdrawing its electricity producer certificates, and giving up the KROTIRI-KEFALAKIA (above Agia Pelagia) and KROTIRI-KEFALOVOUNI- projects. PYRGOS (Across from Mylopotamos).

Obviously, the universal social outcry against these impermissible projects, the incessant legal fight, the island’s counter-proposal with the establishment of the energy community as well as the Special Environmental Study under consultation with negative findings regarding the installation of industrial wind farms on the island, forced the company to withdraw her works.

We continue to fight for all industrial-scale energy projects to be withdrawn from the island and to prevent would-be investors from applying for similar projects in the future.

The only lost fight is the one never fought!

PS The photos are from the R.A.E.Y. (former R.A.E.) geoinformation map.


The developments regarding the installation of industrial plants in Kythira are of particular interest. R.A.E. (Energy Regulatory Authority) was spared the worst, since with the favor of the court it “preferred” to transfer the legal dispute with residents and friends of Kythera to the chambers of the State Council (Council of State) where the final adjudication of the cases will take place.

On March 14-15, 2023, the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal heard the applications to cancel the Electricity Production Licenses that had been granted to the interest companies ELLAKTOR (Agia Pelagia, Mylopotamos) and KOPELOUZOU (Phonikias and Mermigkaris).
With a pre-trial decision on 5-27-2022, the court had given R.A.E one month to prove that the posting of the production licenses had been published on time on its website, otherwise the licenses would be considered non-existent as the law stipulates! RAE, however, did not provide sufficient information and the licenses were posted on its website 2 years later!

So what did the court decide?
After a number of memoranda presented by the RAE to justify the unjustified, the three-member court with votes 2-1,
in the first case (ELLAKTOR) abolished the trials!
and in the second (KOPELOUZOS) he rejected the cancellation requests!

It is worth mentioning the fact that in both cases, the rapporteur judge clearly and documentedly took the side of the island, i.e. the citizens and the associations that had filed the annulment petitions. You can see details of the court’s legal decisions at: Decisions of the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal

The above decisions do not change anything from our design. Every day we make sure to shield the fight at a legal level, either by making timely interventions or by increasing the “piggy bank” of financial support. We are ready for an appeal to the Council of the Territory (StE) and we are optimistic.
So here, it is worth noting something that makes us optimistic. The decision of the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal seems to be grossly unfair to Kythira and its residents. However, the fact is that with incomplete documentation he overturned the facts of the pre-trial decision. We have arguments unwavering, we are right on our side. Both the pre-trial decision of the court and the legal documentation of the rapporteur constitute an important “dowry” for the continuation of the legal battle in the benches of the CoE.

Legal costs will be high and your contribution is necessary through the account number of the KYTHIRAIC FOUNDATION OF CULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT (K.I.P.A.) at the NATIONAL BANK.

National Bank: 380/002419-84
IVAN: GR2301103800000038000241984
Reason for filing: BAPE Legal Expenses.

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