Marked hiking trails of Kythira

Φαράγγι Τσάκωνα Φυσικές περιοχές Κυθήρων

Τthe wonderful natural environment of Kythira becomes a pole of attraction for hiking lovers, especially in recent years there has been a large increase in the number of visitors to the island who systematically engage in this sport. In fact, it is indicative of the organized tourist groups, especially from the Netherlands, that in the spring and autumn, seasons ideal for hiking, tour the island on paths that lead to places of unique beauty.
Hiking is a sport aimed at all ages, even the elderly, since it does not cause much fatigue as everyone walks at their own pace while enjoying nature.

Marked hiking trails of Kythira

In recent years there has been a significant effort to open and maintain hiking trails, a good effort by the Kytheraic Foundation for Culture and Development (KIPA ), a program that is in constant development and you present on the website

The Hiking trails in Kythira a section of – Panorama is an ambitious program that will constantly be enriched and will be updated with the most modern technical means, and excellent visual framing

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