Holidays in Kythira

Κύθηρα Αρωνιάδικα

Kythira is located between Crete and the Peloponnese thus maintaining a unique beauty that reminds the visitor of the island of these two main locations.
The Kythera travel guide wants to highlight Kythera with impressive presentations, inviting the visitors of to organize a trip to the island.
Analyze all the sights of Kythira with a detailed presentation of all the traditional villages and settlements, all the beaches, the natural landscapes, churches and monasteries of the island. In Xenagos an original unique presentation of Kythira, the viewer will enjoy an automatic tour of the island to the best locations. has an index of local products such as the famous thyme honey, the now well-known oil nuts, and the unique olive oil. Also, our visitor will easily find accommodation in Kythira, such as hotels, apartments, houses and cheap accommodation offers, as well as some from the best restaurants and taverns with local cuisine, bars, ouzo.

Advice for your holidays in Kythira During the summer season and especially in August when the number of visitors is increased, you should book your accommodation before your departure. Choose from the main menu Accommodation, and see hotels, rooms for rent and houses. If you like camping, then the pine-covered Municipal Camping in Kapsali will reward you. Do not forget to see the page for current economic offers for accommodation in Kythira.
Access to Kythera. There are many ways to get there, you can choose the Kythera ferries from the port of Piraeus, by car or by bus from Naples, Gytheio and Kasteli Crete. Airplane itineraries from Aegean Air and Sky Express.

Cultural events. Every summer the Festival of the Municipality of Kythira is organized with theatrical performances, music concerts, art exhibitions, and the famous local festivals organized by the island’s associations, which are a unique opportunity for visitors to learn more about the people of Kythira, but in some cases to buy typical local products such as thyme honey , the famous Faturada, the severvives the yellow-flowered flower that never withers but lives forever!

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