7 best beaches in Kythira

Μελιδόνη Κύθηρα

Wonderful holidays on the beaches of Kythira

Greek summer, bright sun, enchanting beaches, good mood, are for all of us the perfect recipe for an ideal summer vacation.
The only problem is to choose among the best beaches on a beautiful island like Kythira, which has dozens of unique beaches, some of which are awarded the Blue Flag for their clear waters.
Turquoise waters, deep cobalt blue, idyllic shores with soft sand or pebbles, picturesque small coves with waters in shades that only a painter can imagine, unique landscapes that nature can create, make up the 7 most beautiful beaches of the island that you should visit during your stay on the island of the heavenly Venus.
We have selected some of the best beaches of Kythera, which will give you a dream summer vacation, and we present them to you. But know that there are dozens more wonderful beaches, real beauties, that will blow your mind, in whatever direction you choose during your holidays in Kythira, it is up to you to discover them and enjoy them.
Descend routes between the mountain slopes of the island, adorned with centuries-old olive groves, that lead you to enchanting beaches with crystal clear waters, a promise of wonderful unforgettable moments!

Kaladi beach

Kaladi Kythira beach

One of the most photographed beaches in Kythira, and not without reason since it wins the visitor from the very first glance. You are on the eastern side of the island and has sand and fine pebbles. It consists of two omega-shaped bays, in the center of which there is a large rock with an internal sea cave. See in detail about Kaladi beach

Fyri ammos beach

Fyri ammos

One of the largest beaches of Kythira, and the first to win the Blue Flag award for its clean waters. And this is located on the eastern side of the island, amidst a wonderful natural environment, with coral reefs in tones of pure deep blue, which enchant the visitor as he descends the mountainside to the beach. It has sand and pebbles. See in detail about Fyri ammos beach

Kalami beach

Kalami beach kythira

This is the virgin beach of the island, since the road to the small beach is relatively difficult, since it requires a walk of about 20 minutes from the point where the car goes, and then the final part of the path is on a cliff. It is a pole of attraction for the youth, and certainly its beauty compensates the visitor. See in detail about Kalami beach

Halkos beach

Halkos beach kythera

Small but beautiful, which is why it is considered one of the most secular beaches in Kythira. Located on the south and east side of the island near the village of Kalamos, it consists of coarse sand and fine pebbles. See in detail about Halkos beach

Limni beach

Limni beach

One of the largest beaches of the island, it is located in the Paleopolis area and consists of sand and fine pebbles. On its sides it has wonderful rock formations that challenge for diving and exploring. It is a pole of attraction for lovers of nudism. See in detail about Limni beach

Melidoni beach

Melidoni beach kythira

The small beach is located on the south and west side of Kythira, in a sheltered bay with calm blue waters. It consists of a reddish sandy beach and has a wonderful view of the Cretan sea and the impressive rocky island of Hytra. See in detail about Melidoni beach

Kobonada beach

Kobonada beach

The beach at Komponada is located east and central of Kythira. It is one of the largest on the island, and consists of pebbles and sand. It is located at the end of a canyon, where the winter waters sculpt the rocks of the area creating round white pebbles or cobbles that are the characteristic feature of the beach. See in detail about Kobonada beach

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