Spring in Kythira


Spring in Kythira, the island that legend says gave birth to Ourania Aphrodite, is a feast of colors, scents and peace, a true experience for the island’s visitor.

Flowers bloom everywhere, anemones, cyclamen, orchids and countless other flowers spread vivid colors and fragrances on the hills and meadows of Kythera. In addition to anemones, cyclamen and orchids, in the spring in Kythira you will find Peonies, the beautiful flowers in various colors, blooming on the hills and meadows. Lilies white and musky, adorn the gardens and courtyards of the houses. Manousaki white and in various shades of purple, add a fragrant touch to the landscape.
The weather is ideal, the average temperature rises gradually in spring ranging from 15°C to 25°C., offering sunny days, ideal for hiking, exploring and relaxing on the beautiful beaches. Rainfall is rare and short, sunshine prevails most days.

Gastronomic delights: Try local specialties, fresh fish and wine. Spinach pie with local spinach and mizithra. Kythira honey, famous for its excellent quality and taste. Spoon sweets, made from local fruits, such as orange, lemon and quince, bergamot.

Many attractions: Explore picturesque villages, Venetian castles, archaeological sites and monasteries.
Chora, the capital of the island with picturesque alleys, neoclassical houses and the Venetian Castle.
Mylopotamos the beautiful village with traditional houses, water mills and waterfalls.
Avlemonas, the picturesque fishing village with a small port with fish taverns and cafes.

Venetian castles:
Castle of Chora, with a panoramic view of the island and three seas.
Venetian castle in the lower country of Mylopotamos with the most beautiful sunset in Kythira.

Monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, the historic monastery with a panoramic view of the island.
Monastery of Agia Elessa, a monastery built in the south of Kythira with a panoramic view of the Cretan sea.
Monastery of Agia Monis, built on top of a mountain east of Kythira above the port of Diakoftos overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Spring in Kythera
Agios Dimitrios in Pourkos among blooming wild flowers in the spring season.

Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the island, walk the paths, swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the magnificent view.
During your stay in Kythira during the Easter season, don’t miss the Resurrection, live a unique experience with the religious events of Holy Week and the Resurrection in the picturesque chapels and temples of the island.
Mylopotamos: a beautiful village with traditional houses, water mills and waterfalls.
The Frankish Castle, a small impressive castle in Avlemonas with a panoramic view of the island.
Chalkou beach, a secluded beach with crystal clear waters and white sand.
Kythera is the ideal destination for couples, families, hikers, lovers of nature and peace.

How to get to Kythira: by ferry from Piraeus, by air with regular routes from Athens, and by road with your car or KTEL Lakonia, see all the updated routes for Kythira, and book your tickets immediately, especially in the summer season and the Easter season as early as possible.
Wishes for an unforgettable spring in Kythira!

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