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Photos of monuments in Kythira

monuments kythira
The Byzantine church of Agia Varvara in photo, was built in the 13th century in castle of Paleochora in center of Kythira. Do Monemvasia great example of great architecture and harmonious proportions. Today stands majestically in the landscape, drawing from memories of times when the city was called Saint Demetrius, was the capital of the island numbered 12,000 inhabitants, before completely destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa. The visitor will see a significant monument of defensive walls surrounding the city, Byzantine churches, frescoes and the ruins of public buildings, a cluster-like Mystras, in a beautiful natural setting overlooking the grand Canyon of Paleochora. kythira monastery kythira castle View analytical presentation of the best Kythira Images and selected article with best Photos of the sights in Kythira.
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