Avlemonas Castle

Avlemonas Castle, Kythira
Avlemonas Castle
Avlemonas Castle, Kythira


The port guard!
It is a Venetian fortress, it is located in the west of the island and it is built by the sea next to Avlemonas at the entrance of the port. It was built in the east of the island to control the side of the island towards the Aegean Sea. The castle has an internal perimeter corridor with 14 arches. In the restoration work carried out a few years ago, 11 of them were fixed and assembled.

Nearest attractions
AvlemonasAgia MoniSaint George on the mountainPaleopolis
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Additional Details

  • Hora: 21 km
  • Agia Pelagia: 23 km
  • Port: 9,2 km
  • Airport: 15,4 km


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