Hiking trails in Kythira

Mύλοι Μυλοποτάμου

One of the most beautiful times of the year for someone to visit the island for a pleasant vacation is winter, when nature is cooled by the first drops of rain, the first grass grows, the streams in the valleys flow abundantly with crystal clear waters, nature acquires clear colors and impressive shifts.
Kythira has inherited the flora of Crete and the Peloponnese due to its position between these two areas, for this reason it is considered the island with the most wild flowers and herbs in Greece. The humid climate of the island creates rich vegetation which, in combination with the running waters in the island’s gorges, offer enchanting landscapes of natural beauty that immediately fascinate the visitor.
This period is ideal for hiking lovers on the island’s paths, where they will have the opportunity to discover all the hidden treasures of nature, through organized walking routes offered by hiking trails in Kythira and are aimed at people of all ages.

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