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Hiking Trails in Kythira

The natural beauty of Kythira island is an attraction for hikers, especially in recent years there is a large increase of visitors dealing systematically with this sport. Indeed, they are indicative of organized tourist groups particularly from the Netherlands that the period of spring and autumn seasons are ideal for hiking, navigate to the island on paths leading to places of unique beauty. The hiking is a sport that appeals to all ages, even older people, because there is a particular fatigue if each one walking in his own pace while enjoying nature. The trails were opened on Kythera in the past by the inhabitants of the island and in many cases functioned as the main destinations on treacherous canyon roads, or as a shortcut between the main roads, but then the decline in population and a corresponding reduction in agricultural work many of these closed by vegetation, but some of them continued to maintain the passage of wild goats and their traces preserved until today. Through the secret paths that reveal the paths illuminate unseen aspects of the island, generously offering all the greatness of Kythera-lovers of nature and exploration. The acquaintance of the landscape at the speed of walking gives an opportunity for the eye to see and understand the natural environment in all its fullness, this transforming activity in experience, which ultimately is a true recreational exercise absolutely necessary for modern man . This section of the trails in Kythira Kithera.gr - Panorama is an ambitious program that will continuously enriched and updated with the most modern technical means, and highly visual framework.

Network paths in Kythira

Chora - Kapsali (M1) Length: 3 km Difficulty: Easy Avlaimonas - St George Mountain (M19) Length: 3.5 mm Difficulty: Easy Potamos - Paleochora (M31) Length: 3.3 mm Difficulty: Easy Mills of Mylopotamos (M41) Length: 2.5 mm Difficulty: Easy
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