The sights of Kythira

Αγιος Δημήτριος στο Πούρκο Κυθηρα

Traditional Villages

Chora, the capital of Kythira, built on a hill next to the great Venetian castle and with a panoramic view of three seas. In the center of the island is Mylopotamos where there is the location of Myloi with running water, stone bridges and traditional water mills and is one of the most visited attractions on the island. In the Kato Chora settlement of Mylopotamos with an interesting layout, there is the Venetian castle of Kato Chora. Continuing towards Limionas beach, the cave of Agia Sophia with a tourist route of 550 meters and at its entrance there is a iconostasis with 13th century hagiographies. In the center of the island we find the traditional village of Aroniadika with houses influenced by the two main currents of architecture of the island, Peloponnese and Cretan. To the north of Kythira is the traditional village of Karavas built on hills between which there is a meadow with water and plane trees. See in detail all Villages in Kythira

Monuments in Kythira

The island from ancient times until today has a large number of monuments, witnesses of the rich cultural heritage. The Minoan summit sanctuary, the Byzantine state of Paleochora, the Venetian castles of Chora and Mylopotamos are examples. Also Katuni the big stone bridge in Livadi, Fanari the big lighthouse in Karava, as well as the wonderful monasteries and churches with the important Byzantine frescoes. See in detail all the Monuments in Kythira

Kythira Beaches

Kythera is a medium-sized island and therefore there are many beaches that adorn the island. The organized beach of Agia Pelagia to the north, next to it there is Firi ammos and then the award-winning Kaki lagada. To the east of the island stand out the beaches of Fyris ammos which has received a blue flag award, Kaladi beach with a double omega-shaped bay, Komponada with its large white all-round pebbles and Paleopolis which is the largest beach in Kythira. See in detail all the Beaches in Kythira

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