Istoria Kythiron

Kythera the island of Heavenly Venus

The myth says that the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the waters of Kythera and spent the first years in her favorite sanctuary, then went to Cyprus, where it is also considered the place of the goddess. The desymbolization of the above story reveals the dual nature of the goddess she was, spiritual and carnal love. Kythera bears the title of the island of the Heavenly Venus for several reasons, let's...

Myloi Mylopotamou

Watermills of Mylopotamos Kythira

Watermills are one of the earliest machines ever built, dating back thousands of years. It was a major advance over grinding grain by hand or by animals. Watermills direct a quantity of water to turn a large wheel. This wheel transfers motion to a grinding mechanism that crushes the grains into flour. In Kythira the wheel is moved by water falling from above into a large hatch with force, which...


The Mill of Philippi

The water mill of Philippi in Mylopotamos is a unique example of traditional Kythera architecture and technology. In addition to its impressive construction, it offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the Kytherian way of life in the past. In those years, the area numbered 23 mills, making the area a richly active commercial center, bustling with life, socializing, and...


Advantages of organized beaches

Kythira has a rich coastline full of beautiful beaches. Some of them are big, some are small, some are well-known, some are isolated, some are organized and some are not. The advantages and disadvantages respectively are well known, and much debate has been generated around the serious issue. Nevertheless, many prefer the comfort of organized beaches for comfortable and fun holidays. The advantages...

Γερακάρι Κύθηρα

Romantic Kythira

Kythera, also known as the island of Heavenly Venus and pure Love, since according to mythology the goddess was born there, is full of romantic corners, and it certainly deserves the title like the island of lovers. Discovering the hidden treasures of the island, you can find several romantic corners, which will create a magical atmosphere for you and your loved one. Depending on your preferences,...

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