Advantages of organized beaches


Kythira has a rich coastline full of beautiful beaches. Some of them are big, some are small, some are well-known, some are isolated, some are organized and some are not. The advantages and disadvantages respectively are well known, and much debate has been generated around the serious issue. Nevertheless, many prefer the comfort of organized beaches for comfortable and fun holidays.

The advantages of organized beaches are many:
Comfort: Sunbeds, umbrellas and showers offer a comfortable and relaxing experience.
Safety: The presence of lifeguards ensures the safety of bathers, especially on beaches with deep water or currents.
Cleanliness: The organized beaches are cleaned regularly, offering a healthier environment.
Facilities: Canteens, restaurants and beach bars offer food, drinks and snacks, without having to leave the beach, or have the sense to bring food with you. Activities: Many organized beaches offer water sports, games and other activities for young and old.
Socializing: On the organized beaches you have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

The organized beaches in Kythira

Chalkos Beach: This extensive sandy beach dominates among the favorites of Kythira. Sunbeds and umbrellas ensure a comfortable stay, while the canteen offers refreshments. For the adventurous, water sports options are available, adding a touch of excitement to your beach day.

Firi Ammos Beach: Another crowd pleaser, Firi Ammos has soft sand, perfect for building sandcastles with the little ones. Families will appreciate the convenience of amenities such as sunbeds, umbrellas and a canteen. Plus, a playground keeps the kids entertained while you soak up the sun.

Beach at Kapsali: one of the most beautiful bays of Kythira where a fleet on the horizon that Despo dominates the imposing castle of the country. Ideal for families with small children for the calm waters and the wide variety of water sports for all tastes. In Kapsali you will find a multitude of shops, restaurants and taverns as well as the most intense night life of the island.

Agia Pelagia beach. A long sandy beach with crystal clear waters and a unique view of the Peloponnese mountains. Organized with deckchairs, umbrellas, canteen and lifeguard. Ideal for families with small children, it has all water sports (windsurf, kitesurf). Many options for food and accommodation in the village of Agia Pelagia since most of the hotels of Kythira are located there.

The beach at Diakofti Kythira is one of the most popular organized beaches on the island. The beach forms a sheltered bay and has golden sand with turquoise and shallow waters, ideal for families with small children. On the beach you will find facilities with sunbeds, umbrellas, canteen, shower and WC.

Of course these are some of the organized beaches, on the island you will certainly find more options that await you and discover all the beaches of Kythira and spend an unforgettable summer vacation.

The negative impact of organized beaches.

However, in the organized way of the beaches there are also disadvantages:
Cost: The use of sunbeds and umbrellas can be expensive, especially on popular beaches.
Crowd: Organized beaches are often crowded, especially during peak season.
Environmental impact: The installation of sunbeds, umbrellas and other infrastructure can have a negative impact on the natural environment.
Use of plastic: Many organized beaches use plastic cups, plates and cutlery, which contribute to environmental pollution.
Noise pollution: Unfortunately, many of the managers of the facilities turn up the music loud thinking that they will attract more people, ultimately causing noise pollution.

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