Cultural Events in Kythira

Πανηγύρι στο Μυλοπόταμο

The Municipality of Kythira organizes the “Journey to Kythira” festival every summer, with numerous cultural and artistic events from May to October.

Festival of the Municipality of Kythira – Journey to Kythira

Exhibitions of visual artists: The exhibitions present works by Greek and foreign artists, with a variety of themes and styles.
Concerts: Concerts are organized with classical, traditional and contemporary music, with well-known artists from Greece and abroad.
Theatrical performances: Troupes from Greece and abroad present theatrical performances for all tastes.
Dance events: Traditional festivals and dance evenings are organized, with the participation of dance groups from Kythira and the rest of Greece.
Literary evenings: Book presentations, poetry evenings and storytelling.
Film Screenings: Screenings of films, documentaries and award-winning films are organized. Educational programs: Educational programs are organized for children and adults, with various topics.
Sporting events: Sports competitions and tournaments are organized in various sports.
Scientific conferences: Conferences and workshops are organized with scientific topics related to Kythera.

Infographic Festival in Kythera
Program of cultural events of the Kythera Municipality Festival.

Besides the Journey to Kythira festival, other cultural events are organized on the island such as:
Karava Portokalia Festival: Musical event with traditional music and dance.
Feast of Panagia Myrtidiotissa: Religious celebration with a festival at the monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa.
Wine festival. Every year the traditional village of Mitata organizes a wine festival by producers and cooperatives.
Festival in Avlemonas. One of the most beautiful festivals of the island with traditional music, plenty of wine and appetizers, organized in the port of the picturesque village.
Cinema: Midnight movie screenings in the summer cinema at the Zidearos multi-purpose hall.

Many of the places where the events are organized are particularly picturesque, such as the Venetian Castle of Chora, the “Zidearos” theater in Kapsali, and the square of Mylopotamos.

To find out about the cultural events that take place in Kythera, you can visit the program Festival of the Municipality of Kythira.

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