How to get to Kythira

Δρομολόγια πλοίων Κύθηρα

The time has finally arrived for the summer holidays, time for the trip to Kythera, the island of Heavenly Venus and pure Love. If you have doubts about how you would like to travel to the island, i.e. if you will take your car or not, if you want to travel by road or directly by ferry from Piraeus, here you will find all the options, and the available itineraries for Kythera.

In case you decide to travel by road with your car, you will cross the Peloponnese passing through wonderful natural landscapes ending in Neapolis, where from there it runs daily itineraries Porphyrousa to Kythira, the duration of the journey is approximately 1.5 hours. You can also choose Gytheio as your destination, where the Aqua Jewel ferry operates itineraries Aua Jewel to Kythira, the duration of the journey is approximately 2.5 hours.

If you want to come directly from Piraeus then find out about Aqua Jewel’s routes to Kythera, the journey time is about 6 hours. Also find out about Aqua Jewel’s itineraries from Gythio, Antikythera and Kasteli in Crete.

There are KTEL Lakonia bus routes available that run regular routes to Neapoli and Gytheio, see the KTEL routes for Kythira.

Also for those who prefer the plane, the companies Aegean Air and Sky Express run routes from the Athens airport, see plane routes to Kythira.

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