Hidden corners in Kythira

Ελαιώνες Κυθηρων

Kythera, an island with a rich physiology, heritage of the Peloponnese and Crete, is literally a plateau whose area is criss-crossed by streams with running water among local vegetation, which along the way they end up on wonderful beaches.

The island, through a rich historical heritage, today presents a wide variety of historical monuments that fascinate the visitor. Many of them are popular and attract full crowds of tourists, but some of them remain hidden from the eyes of many, waiting for us to discover them and fall in love with them.
All the beaches of the island each have their own physiological and geological characteristics that make them unique for their particular natural environment. Most of the Kythira beaches can be a magnet for lovers of exploration and of adventure, since in their wider environment there are special natural formations, such as lakes, small lakes, or even very small ones that are true paradises.
Let’s see some of these hidden corners of Kythera.

Limnionas beach, although not completely unknown, is a quiet option, ideal for relaxing in the original picturesque fishing village of the same name. The calm and windless picturesque bay of Limniona combines fine pebbles with sand, while it is adorned with tamarisk trees that offer natural shade. At a distance of 25 to 30 minutes on foot is the Green Lake or otherwise the Baths of Aphrodite which are a unique experience for wonderful dives.

In Kapsali, at the southernmost tip of Kythira, apart from the popular beach of the same name which is the most cosmopolitan spot on the island, quieter corners are also hidden. Small coves like Sparagario beach directly opposite the beach of Kapsali, with fine pebbles and emerald waters, offer isolation, cool dives and a unique view of the rocky island of Hytra.

Firy Ammos
In addition to Firy Ammos beach, which is certainly one of the most beautiful in Kythira, it is also worth discovering the neighboring cove. Even more secluded, with white pebbles and turquoise waters, it is an ideal haven for hiking and exploring. Of course, access to such locations is only possible by sea, i.e. by swimming or by canoe. If you are not an excellent swimmer it is better not to venture.

Cave of Agia Sophia Mylopotamou in Kythira
Interior decoration with stalactites and stalagmites from a room of the Cave of Agia Sophia of Mylopotamos.

Sights beyond the beaches.

Cave of Agia Sophia of Mylopotamos For lovers of exploration, the cave of Agia Sophia is a unique experience. Impressive stalactites and stalagmites adorn its interior, while the atmosphere is enchanting. Unfortunately, for another year the Cave remains closed.

Paleiopolis Gorge
A hike in the Paleopolis gorge offers wild beauty and panoramic views. The path crosses dense vegetation and ends at a small lake at Kakia Lagada beach.

Portokalia of Karavas
One of the most beautiful laps of the island begins its course from the center of the traditional village of Karavas, located north of Kythira and continues its course among centuries-old plane trees. There is the spring of Amir Ali, and the famous Portokalia (orange) tree of Karavas, which in the past was famous for producing thousands of oranges every year. Many songs and mandinades on the island have been written about this famous orange tree.

Kythira is a place full of hidden beauties, most of which are unknown to the general public. Explore Kythira and you will discover your own hidden gems. In addition to the popular attractions the island hides infinite beauties for those who wish to get lost on paths, caves and creeks, enjoying the authentic charm of Kythira.

Useful tips:
For walking the paths of Kythira or accessing remote beaches, be sure to bring the essentials, such as suitable shoes, water, hat and sunscreen, as there are no facilities in many of the hidden corners.
Respect the natural environment, and leave only your footprints in the sand.
It is forbidden to light a fire and camping for any reason.
Do not hesitate to ask the locals about even more hidden corners and secrets of the island.

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