The small paradise of Kythira

The natural area Mills is located in the traditional village Mylopotamos western in Kythira. The area is a valley with running waters that springs welling from the central square of the village, and a few dozen meters creating a waterfall Neraida, continuing their course along the valley, leading down to the sea.

Across the valley route there is running water, which essentially recreates the landscape, forming pedestals in their turn lead to small waterfalls, in the downhill course succeeded each other, creating a unique scenery of natural beauty amid ancient trees and very rich vegetation.

In the past abundant running water made ​​the area place of exploitation, with the creation of several watermills there. The continuous flow of water and transport between through a complex network of channels that led to mills and vegetable gardens, turned the area into place of commercial activities which employed daily hundreds of people from the village, who then numbered about 1400 people, but also neighboring villages bringing the raw materials we need grind.
Is not few the references of elders who lived through those days of glory, about the nibbled and the feasts that took place there from those who run out at nights to continue the next morning their jobs. Even today we see small houses scattered throughout the area, and some even have wood-fired ovens in their backyards, others are dug into the rock to accommodate the animals.

Today are saved in relatively good condition 5 mills, one of them has been fully renovated with private initiative, but in general there were approximately 25 in total.
Beware, in Mills not allowed camping and burning fires.

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