For what reasons is Kythira famous?

Ελαιώνες Φυσικές περιοχές Κυθήρων

Kythera, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, is known for many reasons, some of which are listed below:

Kythira has been known since ancient times as the island of the goddess Aphrodite, who was born in the foam of the sea of Kythera, created after the fall of the genitals of the god Saturn in the power struggle with the son of Zeus, according to with mythology.

Between Peloponnese and Crete they have a unique geography, with mountain villages, green valleys with running water, traditional settlements and beautiful beaches that make them one of the most special islands of Greece.

They have a rich history, with ancient ruins, Byzantine monuments, Venetian castles, British bridges and schools, and multicultural influences whose traces are visible to this day.

They maintain a living tradition to this day, with local festivals, folk songs, traditional sweets, prize-winning honey, delicious tsipouro and excellent wines. On the island you will find authentic oil nuts, the internationally famous honey made from thyme, Faturada i.e. the liqueur made from tsipouro cinnamon and cloves, and of course Sembrevibes, the special flower of the island that never withers.

It is easy to reach, since they are connected by ferry and air to Piraeus, Crete and the Peloponnese. See updated routes for Kythira to plan your trip to the island in time.

The island remains a budget destination, since it offers quality options in food and accommodation at affordable prices.

It is an ideal choice for all types of travelers, since they offer a unique experience, which combines the dreamy nature, the rich history, the living tradition, in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, without overcrowding.

It is the ideal place for lovers, moreover, for this reason they chose Paris with the beautiful Helen as their romantic retreat, to live their wonderful love in Kythira.

These are some of the reasons that make Kythira stand out as one of the most enchanting islands of Greece that is definitely worth visiting.

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