Mύλοι Μυλοποτάμου

Hiking trails in Kythira

One of the most beautiful times of the year for someone to visit the island for a pleasant vacation is winter, when nature is cooled by the first drops of rain, the first grass grows, the streams in the valleys flow abundantly with crystal clear waters, nature acquires clear colors and impressive shifts. Kythira has inherited the flora of Crete and the Peloponnese due to its position between these two...

Ναυάγιο Αντικυθήρων

Discovery of Antikythira shipwreck

May 1900 and the spongers from Symi, after having traveled the entire Mediterranean, make a stop at Antikythera, mandatory due to severe seas - something not unusual for the region. When the sea calms down, on Holy Tuesday, one of them, Ilias Lykopantis, will dive into the waters, where instead of sponges, he will face a shipwreck at a depth of about 50 m with bronze and marble statues scattered...


Meet Kythira

The Kythira the beautiful island of the Ionian Sea awaits you to enjoy calm and quality holidays. You will have the opportunity to discover the beautiful traditional villages and settlements, to feel moments of relaxation on the wonderful beaches with the clear blue waters, to enjoy the delicious local cuisine and local products, and of course to experience the unique hospitality of the island's...

Κύθηρα Αρωνιάδικα

Holidays in Kythira

Kythira is located between Crete and the Peloponnese thus maintaining a unique beauty that reminds the visitor of the island of these two main locations. The Kythera travel guide wants to highlight Kythera with impressive presentations, inviting the visitors of kithera.gr to organize a trip to the island. Analyze all the sights of Kythira with a detailed presentation of all the traditional...

Μελιδόνη Κύθηρα

7 best beaches in Kythira

Wonderful holidays on the beaches of Kythira Greek summer, bright sun, enchanting beaches, good mood, are for all of us the perfect recipe for an ideal summer vacation. The only problem is to choose among the best beaches on a beautiful island like Kythira, which has dozens of unique beaches, some of which are awarded the Blue Flag for their clear waters. Turquoise waters, deep cobalt blue,...

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