Hiking Trails in Kythira

Hiking Trails

Walking paths in Kythira

M01 Chora - Kapsali

Trail distance: 3.1 km
Duration: about 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Starting point: At the entrance of the Castle of Chora
Attractions: Chora, Venetian Castle Chora, islet Chitra, Stone English bridge, beach Sparagario, Kapsali panoramic views.

At the southernmost tip of the island is Chora the capital of Kythira, with traditional houses and mansions built beneath the Venetian castle , which is the starting point of the trail.
On the way around the castle is revealed the magnificent view with the cape cervical isle Cytra with triangular shape and depth of the Cretan Sea, and if we are lucky we can clearly discern the majestic mountains of Crete. The path goes through dense vegetation of tall pines offering panoramic views of Kapsali with two bays shaped omega, the pine forest on the left with the monastery of Agios Ioannis. Going down pass from the British stone bridge where our right to reveal the small but enchanting beach Sparagario and after 200 meters we reach the beautiful beach of Kapsali, where the end of the route.
Returning leave behind Kapsali, and ascend the main road to the town, meeting the primary school, several of the small picturesque churches built around the foot of the castle, and leading through the narrow streets to the starting point.

Μ19 Avlémonas - Agios Georgios on Mountain

Trail distance: 3 km
Duration: 1.30' hours
Difficulty: Easy

Starting point: The port of Avlemona
Main attractions: Avlémonas, St. George on Mountain, Minoan Peak Sanctuary

The picturesque fishing village Avlémonas located in the eastern part of Kythira, is built in as the typical Cycladic architecture and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Kythira.
Starting the trail leaving behind our village, we are in an unassuming natural environment, where you will find that many parts of the path follow the same route for centuries, keeping intact masonry and steps several centuries old. Looking back we see the southern east coast of the island where we can see some of the most beautiful beaches. Concluding the mountain top we find St. George on Mountain, the panoramic view from the church is breathtaking and a true compensation for the hiker.
The importance of space becomes singular importance in recent years as the excavations there revealed the first Minoan peak sanctuary in Greece, bringing to light a number of important discoveries, and information regarding the relationship of the Minoans on the island of Kythira, and the activities in surrounding area.

M31 Potamos - Paleochora

Trail distance: 3.4 km
Duration: 1.30' hours
Difficulty: Easy

Starting point: The old hospital of Potamos
Main attractions: Potamos, Trifyllianika, Agia Varvara, Paleochora, Kakia Lagada

The Potamos is located centrally in Kythira is the largest and with most residents of the island village. Even today retains intact the traditional style, the bazaar every Sunday, and many neoclassical houses with traditional local architectural compose a particular result with obvious influences from the Peloponnese.
The starting point of the path is labeled in the old hospital, and towards the east follow the asphalt road and concrete road then we reach the picturesque village Melitianika.
From there, follow the stone path intersecting paved road, and after a few tens of meters turn right on the dirt road that then become the path until you reach the village Trifylianika the famous source. In the beautiful village square will see old stone houses in their backyards, they are wonderful examples of the traditional beauty of the island.
The trail descends leaves the village, passing through beautiful stone walls and hillsides that suffix the particular spring season will see running water to form on their way wonderful creeks and ponds, creating a beautiful landscape that will accompany almost up look ahead to the grand Paleochora.
Arriving at our final destination in the Byzantine castle of Agios Dimitrios Paleochora or as it was called when it was the capital of Kythera and numbered 3000 inhabitants, until completely destroyed by the pirate Barbarossa in 1537. Browsing the newly restored archaeological site lets clear the full picture of the city with high walls, public buildings, mansions and important Byzantine churches, some of which survive to this day in good condition. The magic of the place complete with breathtaking views offered by the location of Paleochora dominating the top of steep cliffs, with the imposing gorge to the sea through dense vegetation in the small beach Kakia Lagada.

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