Museum of Byzantine Icons

Kato Livadi, Kythira, Livadi
Museum of Byzantine Icons
Kato Livadi, Kythira, Livadi


Collection of Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Art of Kythira!
The Museum of Byzantine Icons of Kythira is located in Kato Livadi. The Collection is housed in the Byzantine church of Analipsis of Livadi, a single-chamber vaulted church without mural decoration, granted by the Holy Metropolis of Kythira. It includes samples of the artistic production of the island from the early Christian to the late post-Byzantine period, including wall paintings from the temples of Kythira, fragments of early Christian mosaic floors, post-Byzantine icons, as well as objects of silversmithing, metalwork and ceramics.

Some of the most important exhibits of the Museum Collection are:
Mounted hunter. Detail of a mosaic floor from the temple of Saint George of the Mountain (early 7th century).
Saints Kyrykos, Georgios and Notarios and part of the Ascension performance. Wall painting from the church of Agios Ioannis in Potamos (13th century).
Saint John the Forerunner. Portable icon (early 17th century).
Panagia Glykofilousa. Portable icon (early 17th century).
Two silver-plated candlesticks. From the temple of Metamorphosis in Keramoto (late 18th century).
In the photos above, in the first, a Byzantine fresco of Saint George from the church of Saint Vlasis in Kythira, and in the second, Saint George in a Byzantine fresco from the church of the same name in Mesa Bourgos.

Contact the Museum of Byzantine & Post-Byzantine Art of Kythira. Tel: +30 27360 31731

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