Folklore collection Lourantos

Kythira, Chora
Folklore collection Lourantos
Kythira, Chora


Folklore exhibition of Dimitris Lourantos!
A small space, but a shining jewel in the center of Hora, just before the entrance to the Venetian castle, is the wonderful Folklore Collection of Dimitris Lourantou. The collection is housed in a one-room building that is urgently looking for a larger space, in order to comfortably house all these wonderful exhibits patiently collected by Mr. Dimitris.
In the exhibition you will see almost the entire range of useful objects of the island’s inhabitants, such as woven fabrics on the loom, traditional embroidered costumes, wonderful ceramics.
There is also a collection of newspapers from the period, including the newspaper TRUTH KYTHIRON, which had a Greek-Australian editor, who, after the residents protested that they did not understand what he meant, was forced to change the title to ALITHEIA (TRUTH) KYTHIRON!
Certainly, during your stay in Chora, do not miss to visit this unique collection, the result will reward you.

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