Pothiti Sembrevivas

36.150410, 22.986243, Chora


Sebreviva art Lab!
In Chora, the island’s capital, on the main road that leads to the castle and across from the Fosa cafe, is the unique Sembreviva workshop in Kythira.
The artist Potiti Veneri has studied decoration and design and, with 20 years of experience in her work, the flower changes shape and breathes.
Sembreviva is a type of amaranth, also known as Kythera amaranth, which is found in the steep parts of the island. Its name comes from the Venetians and means Always Lives.
A visit to her workshop will confirm this for you, it will excite you, as you will leave with the best souvenir of the island of Sembreviva.

  tel: +30 27360 31345

Port: 33 km.Airport: 22.2 km
Hora: 0Nearest beach: 2.5 km


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