Rights and Obligations of Ferry Companies

The ferry companies must provide accurate information and full information to the passenger public. The agents of the ferry companies have an obligation to inform the passenger public of the alternatives, of all the available fares offered by the various shipping companies as well as of the discounts to which they are entitled. The shipowner is obliged to observe the mandatory discounts for special categories of citizens: Destitute, 100% discount in economy class Children up to 5 years old, 100% discount (entitled to one bed per two) Children aged 5-10 years old, 50% discount War disabled, victims of war, assistants or companions and fighters of the National Resistance, 50% discount (they are entitled to a bed in the seat they wish to travel, as long as this seat has beds. People with special needs with a disability rate of 80% or more, 50% discount in economy class . Multiple children, 50% discount in economy class. NAT pensioners, 50% discount in economy class. In these cases, the passenger must present the relevant proof of identity (special identity card, minor’s birth certificate, multiple-child card, decision health authority etc.)
The shipowner is obliged to carry out the itineraries accurately, to announce them publicly by any appropriate means and to inform the public in time about their execution. Especially in cases of cancellation or disruption of itineraries (e.g. due to damage, adverse weather conditions, etc.), ship-owning companies must take appropriate measures in the field of timely information to passengers, in consultation with cooperating maritime agents and Port Authorities. Otherwise, the maximum penalties prescribed by law will be imposed, amounting to: a) 37,455 euros (for improperly informing the passenger public and other violations of port regulations) b) 500,000 euros (for ship safety issues and other violations)
The shipping company is responsible for the damage and loss of the luggage inside the ships, as long as they are handed over for safekeeping and a relevant receipt is issued. On the contrary, the company is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of luggage, when the passenger carries it with him, except in the case of a culpable act of the master or the crew.
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